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Fail the Impossible

Deny the Unsuggested

Mr. He Went That-A-Way
25 November 1988
<--- they left off "hazard!" it should read "biohazard!" what kind of world is this?

In an emergency situation, every second counts.
I participate in the LJ Abuse Emergency Contact Information First Post program.
Do you? The life you save may be your own.

Oh, skip it!

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Table of Contents
  • Beginning of Bio
  • Real Bio
  • Anything About LiveJournal Support or the Schools Directory
  • Donate to the Buy me LJ Merchandise Fund
  • About Hebrew Translations
  • על תרגום לעברית
  • A Shrine for Kamara (kamara)
  • Legal info

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    Fail the Impossible
    Deny the Unsuggested
    Reject the Unpresented

    Marriage is sacred.

    I don't know where my life is going, I'm just waiting for someone to direct it somewhere.


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    Beginning of Bio

    This is my personal journal. LiveJournal Support can be found at this link. If you have a problem, that's where to take it. If you really want me to help with your problems, too bad. Make a regular support request and hope that I give an approved response. If you really want my professional time, make it worth it.

    Also, I work on the Schools Directory, but that won't help you. I won't make corrections outside of the official process unless I have some personal tie to it, and we really prefer to have the record of it. Really, what good does it do you to bother me about it?

    Go Team Leaky Canoe!

    Beginning of Bio

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    Feel free to buy me as many Gift Certificates of any denomination as you want. Anyone who buys me anything will receive something like my unconditional love forever and ever. And I know that's very important to you.

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    Beginning of Bio

    I am a member of the Hebrew Translation Team. Because the team is so small, the effort becomes very difficult. If you see something that needs to be translated to Hebrew, or is incorrectly translated to Hebrew, tell me and I will fix it.

    אני בקבוצה תרגם עברית. כי הקבוצה היא קטנה, העבודה קשה מעוד. אם אתה רואה דבר שצריך להיות בתרגם לעברית, או לא בתרגם לעברית בסדר, תספר לי ואתקן לו.

    Beginning of Bio

    A Shrine Dedicated to kamara

    A Commemorative Post

    A Commemorative Post

    I would like to thank kamara for closing the requests needed to make these happen. Without her "magic closey wand," these may have taken weeks to happen.

    All entries are copyright (©) remark@livejournal 2003-2019 and are not to be used for any purpose without my consent (I hereby give everyone permission to read the entries which they are permitted to view, and to keep one copy for their personal use).

    Further, all information communicated in 'friends only' or otherwise non-public posts is communicated by me in circumstances in which it is reasonable for me to believe that the information will remain confidential.

    Beginning of Bio

    In case you were wondering, this is
    The End

    Beginning of Bio

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