Mr. He Went That-A-Way (remark) wrote,
Mr. He Went That-A-Way


This journal is

Friends Only

If you are on my friends list, and cannot see any other entries, you must first log in.log in.

Here's how it works:
1) You add me
2) Comment and say you did, whether or not I know you, and if I don't know you, say how you found me.
3) I'll read your comment, and most likely I'll add you.

On a side note, please consider making a donation to the Buy Sam LJ Merchandise fund. This can be done here:
Official PayPal Seal

Click here if the above links don't work.

You can also buy me LJ Gift Certificates, which I will use to purchase supremely cool LJ merchandise. Gift Certificates can be purchased in the following denominations with the following form:


If this form doesn't work, you can still use the regular purchase form.

Also, sometimes people add me to their friends lists and I don't want to add them back. If they have a username that I don't want appearing on my userinfo, I'll ban them. That way, they won't appear on my userinfo and they won't be able to comment on my journal. If you think you were banned unjustly or by mistake, email me and fill in your username on the first line and on the next line, explain why you think you should be unbanned.

Serial adders will also be banned. I created anti_adder, a journal that is dedicated to the war on serial adders. I can add or remove anyone from the list of serial adders, so do not anger me.

This journal is protected by anti_adder.

Last revision: 2005/05/18 12:43EDT
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